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> yes i do. scene from ep4 of gundam 08th MS Team. When
> Karen vs. Apsaras 1, she took a crazy fall, Then
> Sanders, after the beam saber attack. from what i
> figured, a 50 m drop results in a final velocity of
> about 71 mph. a MS that size(18 m tall) cannot survive
> a drop like that.

I don't have ground speed specs on the RX-79[G] Gundam Mass Production Ground
Type, but the original RX-78 Gundam has a rated ground speed of 165 kph (~103
mph) and the RGM-79 GM has a rated ground speed of 102 kph (~63 mph). An
armored weapon of war must surely be engineered to withstand a head-on collision
at top speed -- tanks most certainly are -- so survivability isn't the question,
just degree of damage to the more delicate control mechanisms.

> ps: How tall a the trees in the jungle? MS in OYW
> period are 18 m tall right? those trees have to be at
> least 60 ft tall to cover the gundams.

Identify the species of tree and I can give you a more definite answer. One
hectare (about 2.5 acres) of tropical rain forest may contain more than 600
species of trees, each with different growth characteristics. To be classified
as a rain forest, a forest must have a closed canopy, in which the treetops, or
crowns, touch each other, creating a shaded forest interior. In addition,
temperature and rainfall must be high -- the average annual temperature is 25?C
(77?F) with the average rainfall as little as 1.8 meters (six feet) or as much
as nine meters (30 feet) per year -- and relatively even throughout the year.
That's certainly the case in 08th MS Team.

Rain forest structure is distinct from most other forest types because of its
many layers of vegetation, referred to as strata. The lowest stratum is the
understory, composed of palms, herbaceous plants (such as wild ginger), and tree
seedlings and saplings. Just 2% of the sunlight penetrates the many layers of
leaves and branches above, so understory plant species have developed special
traits , such as a deep red coloring, to cope with low light levels. Many have
deep red coloring on the underside of their leaves to capture some of the scarce
light that does manage to reach the forest understory.

Above the forest floor but below the canopy are one or more midstory strata,
made up of woody plants, such as large shrubs and midsized trees.

The overstory is the canopy, in which the tree crowns form a continuous layer
that captures the bulk of the rainwater and sunlight hitting the forest. The
height of the canopy varies from region to region and forest to forest, ranging
from 20 to 50 meters (65 to 165 feet) -- enough to hide a Mobile Suit.

The highest stratum of the rain forest is made up of the emergent trees, those
individuals that stick up above the forest canopy. Emergents, which do not form
a continuous layer, are usually the giants of the forest, reaching heights of 35
to 70 meters (115 to 230 feet) or more, and trunk girths of over two meters (6.6
feet) in diameter. Less than one percent of the trees in the forest reside in
the canopy and emergent layers. However, these trees tend to be so large that
they collectively account for the vast majority of the woody mass, or biomass,
of the forest.


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