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>Well there was a request for a little more ideological and technical talk,
>so how about a few What If scenarios... Feel free to speculate as far into
>the future as you want on each one.

>... What if Zeon won the OYW? What events could have turned the tide? What
>would have happened if the Feddie military was wiped out by Zeon forces?

I fear for the population of the Earth Sphere, if Giren's in charge.

>... What if Kou had succeeded in stopping Gato in time and the Solar System
>was able to blow up the colony?

Well, for one thing, he'd get a lot more respect from everybody around

>... What If Christine in the NT-1 Alex managed to stop Bernie in the
>without sustaining any serious damage, thus allowing the Alex to be sent to
>Amuro after all?

#1: Bernie was in a Zaku FZ, not the Kampfer.

But that leads to another What If: What If Bernie WAS in the Kampfer at
either fight?

#2. If she managed to do it without killing him, there would be an
intresting scene where Chris does her own interrogation of Bernie before or
after the Federation Military is done with him. Bernie would likely become
a Prisoner Of War, and released after the OYW was over. If Chris hadn't
left by then, he may actually try to ask her out, but the fact that they
both tried to kill each other may or may not put a damper on their impending

On the Other hand, he may be tried for the actions of the Cyclops Squadron
during the Kampfer's attack. He may be able to get himself off by
explaining the situation with the Nukes, and the fact that he tried to take
the second fight away from the city.

Either way, we're spared that heartrenting scene of Al crying his little
heart out at the school assembly.

#3. On Amuro's side, I agree that he would have little impact on the War,
unless the Alex came out sooner. However, the Gundam MK II, the GP(0083)
series Gundams, and the Titans' Mobile Suits might be more influenced by it
if Amuro had managed to put it to good use in either case.

>... What If the After Colony timeline was constrained by UC physics? How
>much of the story would need to have been changed? Would it still be
>recognizable as Wing?

#1. Well, the Mobile Suit numbers in the later fights against the White
Fang's Mobile Dolls would be lessened.

#2. The Gundams would employ more hit-and-run tactics against OZ, and the
boys would probably use tactics like Wufei's tactic of blowing up the pilots
before attacking, in order to prevent Mobile Suits from being deployed
against him. Or Quatre's idea of bringing a small army with him. :)

>... What if the Turn A Gundam, rather than being the unique Syd Mead design
>it is, was instead another tired, boring, derivative Ookawara MS that had
>that "we've seen this before" atmosphere to it? Would the show have been
>more or less popular?

Heh. Nice one.

Actually, At first I didn't like the design either, but as I saw screenshots
of it in action, It began to grow on me.

>... What if Amuro failed to stop the asteroid fragment from hitting the
>Earth in CCA, and Char's Ice Age did come about?

Likely, the Federation would rise to power again, as they would again have
to facilitate a forced evacuation of Earth. Things would get crowded again
after a while, and a few riots would break out as disputes between the
Spacenoids and Former Earthnoids heated up. We might even have a second
coming of a Titans-like organization.

Meaning that if the Crossbone Vanguard came up at the same time, they
probably wouln't have taken the Frontier Colonies as easy as they did in
F91, if at all.

Here are a few of my own:

...What If the White Dingos had managed to stop the first HLV from launching
from Hundington Base?

...What If, realizing the thread posed by Operation Stardust, the Federation
had gotten Amuro from House Arrest, and asked him to accompany the _Albion_
in going after Anavel Gato?

...What If Gato had managed to go to Von Braun City himself to get Kelly
Layzner and the Val Varo?

...What if Zeon Zum Daikun's dream of Complete NewType Evolution of all
Spacenoids came true?

...What if The Romefeller Foundation had shown up in the U.C. Timeline,
towards the middle of the OYW, and offered their own Mobile Suit
Designs(Including the Serpent, all adjusted for U.C. physics) to either
side, both sides, or to independent/neutral sides?

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