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Wed, 6 Dec 2000 12:07:20 -0500

> > >-how tough are gundarium armors? how can Gundams
> > and
> > >other MS survive crazy falls from 50 m in the air
> > >unscratched? should they not be dented?

> yes i do. scene from ep4 of gundam 08th MS Team. When
> Karen vs. Apsaras 1, she took a crazy fall, Then
> Sanders, after the beam saber attack. from what i
> figured, a 50 m drop results in a final velocity of
> about 71 mph. a MS that size(18 m tall) cannot survive
> a drop like that.

Well these things run nearly as fast as your falling equation, and
can walk through concrete structures, falling into soft earth won't
do half the damage to it that a skysrcaper or parking garage would.

Now if they took a 50m fall onto concrete, or armored flight deck
or something as hard as they are, it might be a problem.

This is one time ground pressure over (relatively) soft materials is
working in favor of a giant robot.


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