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Wow, some good ones. :)

I'll just take the few I like, and leave the others for the other people to
play with.

>... What if Zeon won the OYW? What events could have turned the tide? >What
>would have happened if the Feddie military was wiped out by Zeon >forces?

They had gotten REALLY close in a few instances. Had the Gouf and Dom been
built earlier, in larger numbers for the land forces, Zeon would have
managed to take over quite a bit of the Earth, even if the Gundam series had
appeared on the scene.

For example, if Operation Odessa had failed, General Revel wouldn't have
gotten a chance to go after the Zeon Archduchy in space-and Zeon would have
the food and material supplies from the Ukraine and such for much longer.

>... What if Kou had succeeded in stopping Gato in time and the Solar
> >System was able to blow up the colony?

It would have meant two things-
1)The Titans wouldn't have had such a huge incident to rabble-rouse over,
which might have prevented or slowed down their creation as such an
organization of homicidal maniacs.
2)A lot of the pro-colony members of the Federation would have enough reason
to keep the colonies from feeling like occupied territories, perhaps even
preventing the formation of the AEUG and providing a breeding ground for the
Neo Zeon movement.

>... What If Christine in the NT-1 Alex managed to stop Bernie in the
> >Kampfer without sustaining any serious damage, thus allowing the Alex >to
>be sent to Amuro after all?

Wouldn't have made much difference. If the timeline is correct, by the time
the NT-1 Alex was fully opeartional and ready for battle, the war was just
about over. Assuming that the Alex could be gotten to Amuro in time to be
useful, it would have been about two or three days before A Ba Quo. Not
enough time to really master the Alex for combat, and Amuro would have gone
out in the Gundam G-3.

If he had a month to prepare, however, that might be different. The Alex
was built on what the Federation believed was a newtype and what they could
do-burn out MS joints with frequent horror to the mechanics reparing them.
Solution-build the NT-1 Alex so that it could move faster. AFAIK-the NT-1
Alex was probably equal to the Gellogg in all regards in terms of
capabilites. While it might not match true Newtype MS such as the Ziong or
the Elmeth, the NT-1 Alex would do wonders against Zeon newtypes in Amuro's

>... What if Minovsky particles did not have the property of >obstructing
>radar? Would MS development have started, and if it did, >would it have
>evolved to the same end?

Here we have two big hypotheticals. The first is what would happen if
Minovsky particles wern't as radar-absorbing as they are in Gundam. The
second is-if the first is true, what happens to Mobile Suit development,
which was based upon the easy radar-countermeasures technology of Minovsky
particle scattering.

The first is simple-space combat would be a LOT different than what we see
in Gundam now. It would be more a dance of ships at very long ranges, more
like a submarine dual than the WWII influenced battles of Gundam that we
see. Would MS develop in that enviroment? Possibly not? Would we see a
humanoid weapon built? Possibly.

Would Mobile Suit development have been started in the first place? I
honestly don't know-most of the appeal of the early-generation Zaku was
based upon the Minovsky particle effect. If Mobile Suit technology did
develop, it would be smaller, with more passive anti-radar defenses(which I
can easily see even IN Minovsky-effect MS as well), and designed to be fast,
small, and difficult to hit while they got into range-literally eggshells
with sledgehammers.

That's my theory, and I'm sticking with it.
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