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Subject: Re: [gundam] Is Bandai screwing with First gundam??

>> Yeah, I know I could import it. Frankly I'm
>> satisfied with my classic
>> VF-1S, and VF-1A toys,

>mine are in shambles. :(

At least you have them! All that's left of my die cast VF-1S is a foot and
my VF-1J Millia Type model (along with my Zetaplus C1) is no where to be
found. :(

>> and don't even plan on buying
>> the Toycom valks,

I've been thinking of getting the Hasegawa ones.

>> even if they ever do materialise on this side of the
>> Pacific... But I
>> absolutely hate Harmony Gold for what they've done.
>> Robotech bashing
>> aside, (which is hard to do sometimes.^_^) this is
>> the lousiest thing
>> I've ever seen a US company do to anime fans...since
>> robotech the movie
>> atleast. (I couldn't resist.)

>*bashes brett with the shin garrick tomahawk*

>well, though i've since migrated to the original
>macross saga, robotech still forms a lot of the
>nostalgic content of my kiddiehood. i still remember
>the robotech opening. i think minucci did a great job
>with the score.

>> > the yf-19 was *underwhelming* to say the least
>> I was so unimpressed with my Mac 7 VF-19 (Blazer)
>> that I sold it.

>you WHAT???



Oh, and my (actually my brothers) Fire Valkyrie is a wreck too.


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