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Nathan Le wrote:

>> -how tough are gundarium armors? how can Gundams and
>> other MS survive crazy falls from 50 m in the air
>> unscratched? should they not be dented?

It's a cartoon!

Why the negative reaction, it would be fun to have a good technical
discussion on this and others like it (again). This ML has been getting
boring lately without much substantial (either technical or ideological)

> -how does reactor output figure into the beam weapon
> capability?if the beam requirement is linked to
> generator output, does the required power go through
> the small hands that the MS has? would it not be
> better to integrate the beam weapons into the suit's
> frame?

It's a cartoon!

> -The Zaku was a monocoque system right? is that
> comparable to an exoskeleton? Why then did bandai make
> the PG Zaku have an internal frame? same for PG
> Gundam? I understand that it is semicoque, but it is
> also movable frame

Probably wouldn't be as fun to build. Also, probably easier for them to
engineer an endoskeleton than an exoskeleton.

Joaquin Torres

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