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>How about:
>"In anticipation of your insight into the future"
>(Something I saw on a Gundam calendar)(Captures the spirit of an optimistic
>dawn of a Newtype era)
>"Amuro... Gundam... ikimaaaaaasu!"
>Instead of a Wing tee, how a bout a Fed tee and a Jion tee with insignia on
>the chest? (a la the Autobot/Decepticon TF tees).

Some Insignia I've seen

13th Autonomous Corps
3 black Stars
ZZ Gundam Team
League Militaire
Zanscare Empire
Shuffle Union (ok there's 5 insignias not including DG's)
OZ (although all the G-Boys & Zechs,Millardo,P.Wind have their own insignia)
White Fang
Moon Race

Take Your Pick!

>>From: Echo|Fox <>
>>Subject: Re: [gundam] gml t-shirt
>>Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 10:51:02 -0700 (MST)
>> >
>> > Is that original RX-78-2, Katoki styled, PG styled with opening hatches,
>> > what?
>> >
>>I haven't made up my own mind yet. I was thinking something similar to the
>>one on the Gundam markers ... basically a simple, lineart drawing with a
>>minimum of detail, but a case can be made for a much more detailed
>>one. The only question is how well that detail will reproduce.
>> >
>> > As far as designs go, white grey or black would all require lineart to
>> > either
>> > black on white, and white or light grey on grey or black. Since I've
>> > seen
>> > color shirts from Cafepress (good or bad) I wouldn't make any
>> > about their colorfastness and how much it would look like anything we
>> > them.
>> > Black/White/Grey is harder to screw up.
>> >
>>I've never seen a color sheet from them either, but I'm told it's not
>>bad. I think they use the same process that Sluggy Freelance uses (a very
>>advanced form of iron on, more or less) for their T-Shirts. I do have one
>>of those and it looks great.
>>Still though, going with black/white/grey and primary colors would
>>probably be fine. Those are tough to screw up too.
>> > Well text ought to be up to the fan(atic) like old UC fans might like >
>> > You will witness the tears of an age
>> > or
>> > Survive and find yourself Newtype
>> >
>> > but Wingnuts
>> > I'll kill you (in Japanese of course)
>> >
>>That's true. The advantage of Cafepress is that we can have multiple shirt
>>designs, so if we can't come up with somthing agreeable to UC and Wing
>>fans alike, we could certainly do two designs.
>>I'll have to check the GML archives, there were a few good ideas for text
>>the last time we brought this up.
>>A few ideas:
>>"GM (or Zaku) pilot and proud of it!"
>>"Angst ridden teens pilotting giant robots? We INVENTED angst ridden
>>teens pilotting giant robots."
>>"I survived the Battle of Solomon and all I got was this stupid T-Shirt"
>> > > "Knowledge is
>>power. Power corrupts. Study hard. Be evil." >
>> > Actually I want THAT on a shirt... With Giren or his sister on the
>> > Of course Garma's Funeral with great big "Zeig Zeon" on the back might
>> > get some people worried.
>> >
>>Great quote, ain't it? =)
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