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What does Harmony Old do nowadays?

>Subject: Re: [gundam] [OT] Macross vs. Robotech
>Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 12:44:04 EST
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> writes:
><< > What
> >strikes me is I know that Harmony Gold needed 85 episodes to release as
> >daily show, but why didn't they just stick with the Super Dimensional
> > Just show Macross, Orguss, and Southern Cross with their original
> >intact. I know Carl Macek originally was trying to release Macross with
> >story intact.
> >
> >Jason
> >
> He originally tried to. But he couldn't afford the asking price of
>Plus, if you watch the series, you'd find that it doesn't really fit the
>Robotech story as well as MOSPEADA. I think it ended up for the best. I've
>seen some of Orguss, but I'm not all that impressed with it.
> Roland >>
>This is not correct, ORGUSS was one of the shows considered, but SOUTHERN
>CROSS and MOSPEADA were chosen because they fit the ROBOTECH story needs
>At that point in time, Harmony Gold had access to the Tatsunoko
>library. Orguss was not out of the "price-range"
>(who actually has worked with Harmony Gold)
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