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>the SDF-2 I actually have Macross Perfect Memory, though a friend is
>borrowing it right now, and I could swear that they actually have a picture
>of an SDF-2. I am not sure if it was actually shown in the show, or just a
>concept sketch, but it was labeled as SDF-2.

It's probably the REAL SDF-2 also known as Megaroad-01/Megalord-01. These SDF-2 IIRC from the mecha domain were produced for long range colonization prior to the Macross 7 colonizatoin fleet. IIRC the VF-01 serie were either replaced or supplemented with a newer Valkyrie VF-4 serie codename "Lightning III".

There was a short video featuring the departure of the Megaroad from earth accompanied by a sayonara concert courtesy of Linn Minmei.


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