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On Tue, 05 Dec 2000 07:37:52 -0600 Brett Jensen wrote: > > >Roland Thigpen wrote: > >> that would explain her love of showers (my mother died her hair for a >> while and always had to shower to apply the die correctly). Roland > >The purpose of all the showers was fan service... at least in the >original. H_H I know....I was just kidding...and giving another probable explanation other than the obvious fan service. Of course, I think alot of the shower scenes were cut out of Robotech, so my explanation doesn't really matter. > BTW max's hair is probably dyed, but I bet Millia's is >natural, since a female zentradi wouldn't bother with something so >cosmetic as dying hair. > Actually, from the way I understand it, it might not be...the reason so many anime characters have blue or green hair is that black hair can, on occasion, take on these colors in the right sunlight (or artificial light). Anime characters simply take this to the extreme. So, in essence, any anime character with green or blue hair are actually black haired. These other colors simply serve as an additional method for differentiating the characters. >Their kid who's name is Komillia (child of Millia) Maria Jenius, >actually showed up as the main character in "Macross 2036", a >sidescrolling shooter for the PC engine super CD game system... she was >alot better looking than Jeanne Francaix! (Dana sterling) ^_- > >---Brett Jensen Yeah, I have a wall scroll of Komillia (I've heard her full name as Komiria Miryia Fallyna Jenius), the eldest daughter of the Jenius family. Also seen in the anime is Mylene (of course) who is the youngest, and one other sister (with green hair) named Emeria (if I recall correctly), seen in the Macross 7 movie The Galaxy is Calling Me!. Of the other 4 sisters, I've seen no sign. Roland ________________________________________________________________ Get Email, News, Links and The Best Selection at - Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at

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