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Tue, 5 Dec 2000 15:44:58 -0500

> > "GM (or Zaku) pilot and proud of it!"
> If you're going to put a GM or a Zaku on the shirt, why not have the most
> famous grunt suits on it? How about a GM, Zaku, Leo (for the Wing fans),
> Marasai, and maybe a Geara Doga. And how about "Cannon Fodder and proud of
> it!"

Because the way Cafe Express works if we get multiple designs we like
and keep some things similar like:

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Then the shirts will look similar, but CafePress will only print you the one
shirt you want, with the one design you want. I'd wear either a Gundam or
GM shirt, but wouldn't want a Leo, or Marsai. (I don't like Zeta grunts)

Zakus and Geara Dogas would be cool too... But that's my bias showing
though... However maybe collectable Cannon Fodder shirts would be cool...

> > "Knowledge is
> power. Power corrupts. Study hard. Be evil."
> How about having the whole Zabi clan with this one?

Some might argue that the whole Zabi clan wasn't evil... I kinda like Garma,
Dozul, and Mineba Zabi. I'm sure the Zabi mothers weren't evil, and I only
assume that Cicero Zabi was EVIL or a PUPPET since Giren liked him.


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