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Actually, it did announce the Nu....sort of. It had the first pictures of
the prototype model from the Bandai 2000 catalog.
 Also, the Kampfer is no rumor, it's been confirmed by Gundam Perfect Web,
which is run by Bandai.

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>From the japanese site Patrick's models

        A tad bit suspicious, for a number of reasons:

        1) It didn't announce the Nu Gundam, which is pretty much confirmed.

        2) The price of the Gouf Custom is 3000 yen, but the Gouf is 2800

        Since the page is titled "New GK Product News" all these could be
either a B-Club Garage Kit, or a modification kit -- which will put the
rumours of a MG Kampfer down, unfortunately.

        At any rate, just be patient -- don't you guys already have enough
MGs to build over the Christmas period? I got two -- the NT1 and the [G]
type. I'm happy. =)

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