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According to the Forthcoming Books publishing industry forecast that I just
received, which covers period of October 2000 to September 2001, the Gundam
novels will not be reissued by Ballantine Del Rey during that time. If they're
planning a reissue in conjunction with the broadcast of the original Gundam TV
series on Cartoon Network, they're hedging their bets and waiting to see how the
show is received.

Meanwhile, there are three new BattleTech novels on the horizon. BattleTech 49:
Path Of Glory by Randall N. Bliss shuld already be out -- December releases are
almost always on the shelves in the latter half of the preceding month.
BattleTech 50: Flashpoint by Loren L. Coleman is scheduled for April 2001, with
BattleTech 50: Test Of Vengeance by Bryan Nystul to follow in June.

Star Wars fans, as many of us are, can look forward to Michael Reaves' Darth
Maul: Shadow Hunter (hardcover) in February, Greg Bear's Rogue Planet
(paperback) in May and two more New Jedi Order paperback books, Kathy Tyers'
Balance Point (August) and Michael Jan Friedman's Knightfall III: Jedi Blood
(September) -- all from the same Ballantine Del Rey, under their Lucasbooks

Ballantine Del Rey also has another Babylon 5 trilogy, Jeanne Cavelos' The
Passing Of the Techno-Mages, in the pipeline. The first book, Casting Shadows,
is due out in March and the second, Summoning Shadows, in July. If that spacing
holds, the third, title not yet announced, should be released in November.


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