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I must tell you that I didn't remember that Milene Jenius had six sisters (but who can tell us that a certain "black bomber", so its nickname has been translated in my country, is not really his brother,; Max is denying it but ...). As you are informed about this series (sorry, about this manga) could you tell me whio is the woman that goes to speak with Enika Cellini (so the name of the girl has been translated/adapted) when Enika has become a singer but she is bad treated by herr manager? I can't understand it? Is it referring to a previous series ("Macross II" or "Macross Plus"?)?
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  On Tue, 5 Dec 2000 13:19:50 +0100 Alessandro wrote: >In USA is there a manga whose title is "Macross 7 Trash"? Its author is >Haruiko Mikimoto, the design is really beautiful and the story is >interesting. You have named Max Jenius, haven'yt you? Well he is back in >this manga with his sons and his Zentradi wife. >Alessandro Max has no sons....only 7 daughters. Roland (you have only to look at my email addy to know who my favorite male Macross character is). ________________________________________________________________ Get Email, News, Links and The Best Selection at - Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at

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