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Tue, 5 Dec 2000 13:16:42 -0500

> > Is that original RX-78-2, Katoki styled, PG styled with opening hatches,
> > what?
> I haven't made up my own mind yet. I was thinking something similar to the
> one on the Gundam markers ... basically a simple, lineart drawing with a
> minimum of detail, but a case can be made for a much more detailed
> one. The only question is how well that detail will reproduce.

See I was looking for a sort of RX-78-2 ver Ka or PG using a sketch
from the back of the 08th MS team Visual Comic that ended up colored
in the MG manual. Anyways I can do that bare Gundam head with armor
put back onto half of it, maybe with the other side armor exploded away,
in an Isometric view.

If I ever get the PG Zaku I might do the same thing for a Zeon version of
the shirt... I'd really like to do a GM, but less than nothing exists about
heads except for the 0080 model kit pages had some lineart...

Since this isn't for a Patent I could do thick enough lines that it would
up on a t-shirt... Another thing we might think of is bright green on black
It wouldn't do much for a white or grey shirt.

> "GM (or Zaku) pilot and proud of it!"

I'd definately need a GM head for that, or Zaku head for the other...

> "Angst ridden teens pilotting giant robots? We INVENTED angst ridden
> teens pilotting giant robots."

I think we'd need Amuro/Hero/Camille/Judo/Hathaway all in a circle on the
front, and the slogan on the back...


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