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<< > What
>strikes me is I know that Harmony Gold needed 85 episodes to release as a
>daily show, but why didn't they just stick with the Super Dimensional
> Just show Macross, Orguss, and Southern Cross with their original stories
>intact. I know Carl Macek originally was trying to release Macross with
>story intact.
 He originally tried to. But he couldn't afford the asking price of Orguss.
Plus, if you watch the series, you'd find that it doesn't really fit the
Robotech story as well as MOSPEADA. I think it ended up for the best. I've
seen some of Orguss, but I'm not all that impressed with it.
 Roland >>

This is not correct, ORGUSS was one of the shows considered, but SOUTHERN
CROSS and MOSPEADA were chosen because they fit the ROBOTECH story needs

At that point in time, Harmony Gold had access to the Tatsunoko distribution
library. Orguss was not out of the "price-range"

(who actually has worked with Harmony Gold)

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