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> Is that original RX-78-2, Katoki styled, PG styled with opening hatches, or
> what?
I haven't made up my own mind yet. I was thinking something similar to the
one on the Gundam markers ... basically a simple, lineart drawing with a
minimum of detail, but a case can be made for a much more detailed
one. The only question is how well that detail will reproduce.

> As far as designs go, white grey or black would all require lineart to be
> either
> black on white, and white or light grey on grey or black. Since I've never
> seen
> color shirts from Cafepress (good or bad) I wouldn't make any assumptions
> about their colorfastness and how much it would look like anything we sent
> them.
> Black/White/Grey is harder to screw up.
I've never seen a color sheet from them either, but I'm told it's not
bad. I think they use the same process that Sluggy Freelance uses (a very
advanced form of iron on, more or less) for their T-Shirts. I do have one
of those and it looks great.
Still though, going with black/white/grey and primary colors would
probably be fine. Those are tough to screw up too.
> Well text ought to be up to the fan(atic) like old UC fans might like >
> You will witness the tears of an age
> or
> Survive and find yourself Newtype
> but Wingnuts
> I'll kill you (in Japanese of course)
That's true. The advantage of Cafepress is that we can have multiple shirt
designs, so if we can't come up with somthing agreeable to UC and Wing
fans alike, we could certainly do two designs.
I'll have to check the GML archives, there were a few good ideas for text
the last time we brought this up.
A few ideas:
"GM (or Zaku) pilot and proud of it!"
"Angst ridden teens pilotting giant robots? We INVENTED angst ridden
teens pilotting giant robots."
"I survived the Battle of Solomon and all I got was this stupid T-Shirt"

> > "Knowledge is
power. Power corrupts. Study hard. Be evil." >
> Actually I want THAT on a shirt... With Giren or his sister on the front...
> Of course Garma's Funeral with great big "Zeig Zeon" on the back might
> get some people worried.
Great quote, ain't it? =)

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