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> Southern Cross was more then butchered. They turned the whole plot
> around.
> Since the "Robotech Masters" (don't know their southern cross names)

They were called "Zor" or "Zoru". It's kinda funny, the Character called
Zor in Robotech on whom so many plot oints hinged was actually a
brainwashed human named Seifreit Weiss, and not an alien at all.

> in the original were trying to reclaim their planet which was taken
> over by the
> Southern Cross (I assume they were originally from Earth) then they
> are
> almost actually the good guys.

Well it's a bit more complicated than that. the last episode has some
very interesting revelations about who the Zor, and the Glorie/Liberte'
humans actually are. If you don't mind major spoilers you can read
synopsis for all the episodes at the SDC Southern cross Universe:

> I thought they airbrushed out the second moon...

It's been a long time since I watched robotech, but I thought you could
see it in one episode, perhaps I'm mistaken.

> Robotech: The Movie... Never saw it, but read the novelization.

I finally saw a bootleg a few years back and man oh man was it bad. Even
if i wasn't a Megazone fan I'd know how bad that stunk.

> What strikes me is I know that Harmony Gold needed 85 episodes to
> release as a
> daily show, but why didn't they just stick with the Super Dimensional
> Series?
> Just show Macross, Orguss, and Southern Cross with their original
> stories
> intact. I know Carl Macek originally was trying to release Macross
> with it's
> story intact.

Y'know i've been saying the same thing for years. They could have just
kept buying mecha shows indefinately, and called it "Robotech theater"
or something like that. it would have been cool.

---Brett Jensen

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