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Roland Thigpen wrote:

> I actually like the song used in Force of Arms (the song was called We
> Will Win), but not as much as Do You Remember Love? (I haven't managed
> to see the battle in the original Macross tv series yet).

The song in the original TV show translates to something like "Love
drifts away", that's also the episode title. The Lyrics are fairly
meloncholy, talking about men going off to war and not coming back. I
think it reflects the tone of the show much better than the upbeat and
patriotic "we will win"

> The rest of the Minmay songs I skip over in my Robotech Music
> Collection CDs. > As for the SDF-2 I actually have Macross Perfect
> Memory, though a friend is borrowing it right now, and I could swear
> that they actually have a picture of an SDF-2. I am not sure if it was
> actually shown in the show, or just a >concept sketch,

There is an SDF-2 but it is not shown. The ship was being built on the
moon during the TV series. Built as a colony ship, it was much bigger
than SDF-1 Macross. It was shown in the "Flashback 2012" music video
OAV, and was given the name Megaroad 01. (An early name for Macross in
the planning stages of the show.)

There are three web pages which anyone who has questions about the
changes in Robotech should visit:

The Macross compendium The absolute best
source of info on Macross in english.

The SDC Southern Cross universe The best source
for Southern Cross info anywhere.

A damn fine mospeada site which I discovered awhile back:

While you are at it, check this Orguss site out too:

Now if someone would only make a Dougram site. ^_^

---Brett Jensen

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