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On Tue, 5 Dec 2000 08:06:34 EST wrote: >In a message dated 12/4/2000 8:39:27 PM Central Standard Time, > writes: > > >While I haven't heard many of the original Minmei songs, I knew they had to be better then the crappy >Robotech songs. I actually like the song used in Force of Arms (the song was called We Will Win), but not as much as Do You Remember Love? (I haven't managed to see the battle in the original Macross tv series yet). The rest of the Minmay songs I skip over in my Robotech Music Collection CDs. > As for the SDF-2 I actually have Macross Perfect Memory, though a friend is borrowing it right now, and I could swear that they actually have a picture of an SDF-2. I am not sure if it was actually shown in the show, or just a >concept sketch, but it was labeled as SDF-2. > The SDF-2 became the SDF-2 Megaroad-01 as seen in Macross Flashback 2012. The one you see pictured was, I believe, a concept sketch for that show. The final version of the Megaroad can be found pictured here with some history: The Megaroad-01 left Earth in 2012 on a coloney mission towards the center of the galaxy in 2012. It was escorted by a Zentreadi fleet, and was commanded by Admiral Misa Hayase-Ichijyo. The CAG was Hikaru Ichijyo, and one other notable personage was Lynn Minmei. Unfortunately, all contact was lost with the ship and its fleet in 2016 (but this was not revealed to the public for many years). Nothing was ever discovered of what happened to the fleet. > >Southern Cross was more then butchered. They turned the whole plot around. >Since the "Robotech Masters" (don't know their southern cross names) in the >original were trying to reclaim their planet which was taken over by the >Southern Cross (I assume they were originally from Earth) then they are >almost actually the good guys. > Well, like Gundam, I'm not sure if there were truly good guys on either side of that one. > > > > >Robotech: The Movie... Never saw it, but read the novelization. The movie was pretty different from the novelization (I read the novel, and seen the movie). Even so, I almost can't watch the movie without coming to tears over what they did to Megazone 23 Part 1, which pretty much started the whole OVA thing and was a damn fine movie. > What >strikes me is I know that Harmony Gold needed 85 episodes to release as a >daily show, but why didn't they just stick with the Super Dimensional Series? > Just show Macross, Orguss, and Southern Cross with their original stories >intact. I know Carl Macek originally was trying to release Macross with it's >story intact. > >Jason > He originally tried to. But he couldn't afford the asking price of Orguss. Plus, if you watch the series, you'd find that it doesn't really fit the Robotech story as well as MOSPEADA. I think it ended up for the best. I've seen some of Orguss, but I'm not all that impressed with it. Roland ________________________________________________________________ Get Email, News, Links and The Best Selection at - Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at

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