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At 06:16 12/03/2000 -0500, Franz Co wrote:
>The Zugock was experimental (ence the E which was also in the experimental
>Kampfer and also used by the feds for the GM[E]). The Hygog was an upgrade
>sort of like the Zaku II R-series.

        The Hygog probably shared some common parts with the Zugock E in
order to qualify for the JEP. It doesn't seem possible for a Hygog to swap
parts with say, a Zaku II FZ.

>As i pointed out the arms. Maybe they can come out with a whole Mg line of
>these showing similar internal structure except where it matters (legs,
>arms, head, and maybe part of the core).

        Hehe, you wish. Though it would be a great thing if Bandai actually
did come up with MG 0080 lines. Those MS designs are amongst the best in the
whole UC universe. But Bandai probably can't reuse the moulds for existing
kits -- the 0080 designs practically demands new moulds for each kit.

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