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> Most of the continuity problems I was talking about in Robotech arise from
> changes that Harmony Gold made in order to make three unrelated series into
> one big story. actually of the three series Macross fared the best with
> most of it's story intact,
> Mospeada didn't fair too bad, but Southern Cross was butchered. Another
> problem was the timeframe in which Robotech was produced, some episodes are
> virtual verbatum translations of macross, while others where more
> "creative". This led to some
> confusion. For instance, what is Protoculture:

Southern Cross was more then butchered. They turned the whole plot around.
Since the "Robotech Masters" (don't know their southern cross names) in the
original were trying to reclaim their planet which was taken over by the
Southern Cross (I assume they were originally from Earth) then they are
almost actually the good guys.

> You see, the word Protoculture mentioned in passing in Macross, refers to
> The first sentient race of people in the universe, from whom the
> intersteller republic which created the Zentradi sprung. The Protoculture
> is NOT some Plant/energy source/drug/
> whatever... as depicted in Robotech, yet it is referred to BOTH ways in
> Robotech due to sloppy continuity.
> Hell, Southern Cross took place on another planet originally, and you can
> actually see a second moon in the sky in an episode of Robotech!

I thought they airbrushed out the second moon...

> The original shows themselves obviously don't have this problem since they
> are self contained stories, although SC suffers from an abrupt ending after
> being cut short bo 26 episodes! (ouch)
> There is also the matter of cut scenes, unnecessary name changes, and
> painfully bad singing. I would love to see a celebrity deathmatch where
> Mari Iijima kicks the crap out of Reba West for ruining the reputation of
> Lin Minmei. ^_^
> I won't even mention what they did to my favorite OAV Megazone 23.....It's
> too awful to mention. sob, sob.
> ---Brett Jensen

Robotech: The Movie... Never saw it, but read the novelization. What
strikes me is I know that Harmony Gold needed 85 episodes to release as a
daily show, but why didn't they just stick with the Super Dimensional Series?
 Just show Macross, Orguss, and Southern Cross with their original stories
intact. I know Carl Macek originally was trying to release Macross with it's
story intact.


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