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> Finally there is no such thing as SDF-2 in the last part of the show. they
> probably were in another part of the SDF-1 directing the VF and moved to
> the bridge to fire the main guns. Also aside from the orig TV serie you
> should try seeing the movie (I haven't) which has a slightly different
> retelling of the whole show and better uniform.

I have seen a subtitled version Macross DYRL. Yeah I'd say it was definately
a major rewrite. I knew about the other things you listed. Was that all
that was different? While I haven't heard many of the original Minmei
songs, I knew they had to be better then the crappy Robotech songs. As for
the SDF-2 I actually have Macross Perfect Memory, though a friend is
borrowing it right now, and I could swear that they actually have a picture
of an SDF-2. I am not sure if it was actually shown in the show, or just a
concept sketch, but it was labeled as SDF-2.


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