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Welcome to the GML.
It was decided pretty early on not to use any copyrighted artwork. I run the largest Gundam Image archive and its infringement city ... thankfully, Bandai/Sunrise hasn't complained, but if they did I'd take it down in a second. It's better to play it safe, though, and just not use anything Bandai could possibly complain about.
As for the T-Shirt design we don't need a program. We're going to use Cafepress who will print them for us ... all we need to do is come up with a design (or designs) and send to them, they do the rest.

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This message is in reply to another one of the e-mails about the shirts.

Preferably I would go for a Gundam Wing shirt but thats all I have seen. I have tried to order the Gundam series online but i've had no success all. Also I am new to the ML and would like to know how to post a main message and how to reply to messages so they will appear on the site archive. I could get a friend to draw a shirt but he is only experienced with Gundam Wing. Although if i gace him a pic of an earlier Gundam series or Something after GW he could still probably draw it but i dunno how long it would take him if i could actually get him to try. Also i have tons of sites to get some awesome pics can internet pics be used for shirts cause i would definately go for that.

P.S. I read about the infringement yeah i see but some pics are not actually copyrighted some are just created clips and most people just steal their pics anyway so i dunno if we would be in trouble for copying them onto a shirt(in a way it might be promotion but hey who knows) My dad has a program for making shirts on the comp i will try it and see if it will work. so if the idea above is good i will try to find some pics(with some help from every1 else) and maybe we could get some shirts going. So i dunno.

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