Ray Pegoraro (mond1969@mediaone.net)
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 22:36:35 -0800

This site sounds pretty cool can you poast the address to the list?



You mean the one made by Aluminum Studios? Yes, I like it, and most of the
others on that site...especially Larger than Life set to Cowboy Bebop
footage and the Lain videos, and...well, ok, I like all of them.

Dare and The Touch would probably make good songs for something like this
0083 Vid, with Dare being the better choice I think (listening to my
Transformers the Movie soundtrack right now as a matter of fact, Instruments
of Destruction might also work, but I don't know), but what I'd like to see
is Psychokorp's Gundam music vid set to Queen's One Vision. I've seen some
of the other stuff they have and it's quite good.

I have to agree with what has been said before. This video really needy
something more fast paced. Parts of it fit the song, but mecha action really
needs something more fast paced, or maybe classical. But it was pretty good
for a first attempt (of course, I can't say too much against it, as I've
never tried to make one and don't have the equipment for it anyways).


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