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>Like what? I have seen Robotech, but I have never been able to see the uncut original Macross. What are some of the diferences? I mena besides the whole Protoculture/Robotech Masters crap. Are there any websites that highlight the differences?

Name Changes: (jap format wherein last names are first.)

Ichijo Hikaru - Rick Hunter
Hayase Misa - Lisa Hayes
Fokker, Roy - Roy Fokker
Jenius Max - Max Stering
Kakizake Hayao - Ben
La Salle, Claudia - Claudia
Gloval, Bruno J. -
Linn Minmei - Lynn Minmay
Linn Kaifun - Lynn Kyle
Shammy - Sammy
Kamujin - (forgot is name The Backstabber)
Bodolza - Dolza

The songs were better in Macross and well-suited to the show.

Eg: Beautiful Place in my Heart was played when the whole Macross was leaving Earth after the barrier-overload system. Linn Minmei sang her song based on her movie Xiao Pai Long during its first premier. & The songs during final assault was composed of 3 songs IIRC being played according to the mood of the battle ( IIRC they started with Xiao PAi Long and ended with Beautiful Place{the scene with Misa and Hikaru on a parked gerwalk valkyrie on earth}). In the movie the 3+ songs were probably replaced with ai oboeteimasuka/ Love Do You Remember?.

The Ending trailer gives a hint that everything is a flashback. If you finished watching the final episode, you'll notice the album closing scene. The ED trailer involves a hand opening (probably Misa's) an album and flipping it showing the various photos of Hikaru with Minmei.

The Veritech's were called Valkyries and were distributed according to rank VF-1A - single laser @ the head, VF-1J - double, & VF-1S - 4 laser, also designated to the commanders of the squadrons. Also available are VT or variable trainers for training in the usage of VF.

The arms' names weren't changed in the TV serie and remained as Daedalus & Promethus. However the movie version's arms came in the form of armed sections which led to renaming the "Daedelus Attack" to Armed Attack.

Various cuts 8<

Finally there is no such thing as SDF-2 in the last part of the show. they probably were in another part of the SDF-1 directing the VF and moved to the bridge to fire the main guns. Also aside from the orig TV serie you should try seeing the movie (I haven't) which has a slightly different retelling of the whole show and better uniform.

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