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Yes indeedy, was just about to mail the GML about this myself.
The Full Armor is quite gorgeous ... I love the color scheme ... gonna
hafta pick up some greens and paint my next kit in a similar style.
The Perfect is ... well ... everybody knows its Ookawara's worst Gundam
design, but Katoki is at least doing something ... you can see some
definite Zaku influences in the tubing and the thrusters on the legs. Odds
are all the Perfect parts will be removable, like on the full armor, so it
will almost certainly be worth picking up just so you can strip off the
ugly bits.
I'm positively giddy with excitement over this line ... I can't decide
which MS I want to appear next in it ... right now the Zetaplus has a
tenuous hold on my affections :P I do hope it does well ... I want every
last MS that appeared in FIX done in glorious plastic.

Also, ToyboxDX has pics and info on the 19800 Yen Diecast Soul of Popykin
Yamato ... 16.5" long, 7 sound effects, lots of lights, amazing detail,
huge diecast content ... For fans it's definately a must buy, but at that
price ... you'd have to be a pretty big fan ;p

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