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Nathan Le asks,

>-how tough are gundarium armors? how can Gundams and
>other MS survive crazy falls from 50 m in the air
>unscratched? should they not be dented?

  Gundarium is pretty tough, but it's not indestructible. When mobile
suits have to take a drop, they ususally use their thrusters to brake
their descent. Got a specific implausible scene in mind?

>-how does reactor output figure into the beam weapon
>capability?if the beam requirement is linked to
>generator output, does the required power go through
>the small hands that the MS has? would it not be
>better to integrate the beam weapons into the suit's

  There's two ingredients that have to be supplied to run a beam weapon -
energy, in the form of Minovsky particles, and power, in the form of
electricity. (Those seem to be the terms favored in Japanese technical
materials, at any rate.) The energy is stored inside the weapon, and
can't be supplied via the mobile suit's hands - though beam sabers can be
recharged when they're plugged back into their sockets. The electrical
power, though, may well be relayed through the hands.

  It's not quite clear what the relation is between the listed generator
output, and the beam weapons' listed output. Often the latter figure is
higher than the former, so either there's some sort of battery or
capacitor involved, or the latter is just a rating of the weapon's raw
power and isn't directly related to the electrical input. That's about as
much as I've been able to figure out...

>-The Zaku was a monocoque system right? is that
>comparable to an exoskeleton? Why then did bandai make
>the PG Zaku have an internal frame? same for PG
>Gundam? I understand that it is semicoque, but it is
>also movable frame

  Same reason they completely redesigned the internal frame of the
Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom. Even though the WIng Zero gets stripped
down to its bare frame in the last episode of Endless Waltz, the model
designers completely ignored the internal details depicted in the
animation and recreated its frame from scratch. It seems the main concern
is what will make for a fun toy, not what the animation and technical
references say it should look like. :-)

  The same holds true for the Master Grade line. By the time they did the
MG Gundam Mark II, which is supposed to be the first mobile suit with a
movable frame, the model designers couldn't think of any way to
differentiate its leg frame from the One Year War mobile suits...

-- Mark

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