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>Anyway, though the film and the novel have differences, can you really say
>that, considering the year it was produced, it is a bad film.? I find it a
>good product, instead.

Oh, I actually think the film is quite good, especially for the time, but it ain't the novel. The main problems I had were with the weirding weapons, and the fact that certain important things were left out of the ending...which make a big difference in the story, you must admit. Of course, I only came to these conclusions after first reading the novel a year or two ago...I had never gotten around to it before for some reason.

And I did find myself comparing the actors in the SciFi channel production to those in the older movie...and thinking that many of the previous actors, or actresses, were a little better, but these were still good. One I did find much better in the older movie was Dean Stockwell, who starred as Dr. Yueh. I'm also torn between which Gurney I like more, Patrick Stewart's or the new one.


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