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>I'm just curious as to why was it made...was there interest in making a
>live-action Gundam series? Also, what's with the Canadian actors?
> Wish I knew. Maybe it's just to see how a live action show with CG MS would
>turn it? I think I know why the G-Savior, the first one, has those spindly
>arms. According to The Gundam Projects write up on the mecha itself, the
>G-Savior is modular, to increase speed for it's space mode, the armor on the
>arms and upper thigh/hip area was taken off to lower it's weight. The ground
>mode is the same robot, just with all the armor put back on. I really,
>like this idea! This is practical and makes sense, one mecha that can be
>adapted in battle, for different combat situations, is a valuable MS indeed!

According th Mark's writeup, it changed from Space to Ground mode
mid-battle upon going inside a colont. Fair enough, but where did the
extra arm & leg armor for ground mode come from?
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