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garrick lee wrote:

> > Yeah, I know I could import it. Frankly I'm
> > satisfied with my classic
> > VF-1S, and VF-1A toys,
> mine are in shambles. :(

Too bad, Mine are fine but the boxes aren't all that minty. ^_^ not that
I'd ever sell em.

> well, though i've since migrated to the original
> macross saga, robotech still forms a lot of the
> nostalgic content of my kiddiehood. i still remember
> the robotech opening. i think minucci did a great job
> with the score.

Don't feel bad. I too was a robotech fiend, from that first morning back
in 85, I certainly got into anime quicker because of it. I got a flyer
for Animecon 91 in an order of Robotech tapes that I got from Science
fiction continuum... I was intrigued, since Mikimoto was gonna be there,
so I scraped together the cash for a pilgrimage to california, and the
rest is history. IT DOOMED ME I SAY!

anyway a couple of years later I saw Chou Jikuu Yousai Macross TV for the
first time, and I realised that all the things that never made sense in
Robotech, that I kinda ignored, suddenly made sense. Since then I've been
on a mission to enlighten Robotech fans to the glory of Macross. or
something like that. ^_^

I'm sure fond robotech memories explain why I love Southern Cross, even
though alot of folks don't.

> > I was so unimpressed with my Mac 7 VF-19 (Blazer)
> > that I sold it.
> you WHAT???

The thing that sucked is if I had held on to it for a year I could have
doubled my money.

---Brett Jensen

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