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Edward Ju wrote:

> Well it is, since they reanimated everything (some were even done in CG for
> the PS and DC versions, which weren't in the SS original), I don't think
> there was any recycled footage in any version of Giren's Greed.

Yeah, that was cool. I don't mind reanimation, I just don't like tampering with
existing footage.

> LOL... it's kinda disturbing to see Heero fighting all these UC characters
> and mechs, most of them coming across as wimps or bad guys. They certainly
> won't sell many copies after people find out the only mech they recognize
> in it was the Wing Gundam, with no Epyon, Deathscythe, Heavyarms and the
> rest in sight.

I dunno it's still a good game, and once the Neo-wing nuts (As opposed to us true
Wingnuts. ^_^) see the Quebely, or Hygog in action they might find the Wing Gundam
to be a bit...inadequate. BTW...The FAZZ is just as Cheesy as I imagined! I beat
the game with it on norman using pretty much one move!

---Brett Jensen

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