Brett Jensen (
Sun, 03 Dec 2000 21:36:19 -0600

The US version of course. If they are willing to allow that kind of frankenstein job
of a story mode, on a game which has Mecha and characters from the best UC series,
what else might they be capable of.

Even though I do like wing... The idea of Heero Yuy piloting the Quebely (Much less
beating Char) is too damn disturbing! I love Zeta, and MSG and I don't want them
screwing em up. I also have some real issues with the way names were romanized, I
hope to god Kamiru isn't gonna be the official spelling of Camille when Zeta does
come out. And what's up with that announcer... "Zed Gan-Damn" "Q-belay" etc... eww.

Brett Jensen

Edward Ju wrote:

> >I'm just concerned anytime anyone
> >wants to "Improve" on a classic anime. Just look how Bandai "Improved" Gundam
> >The Battle Master 2.
> Were you referring to the "improvement" from 1 to 2 or from 2 to the U.S.
> version (Gundam Battle Assault)?

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