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> You forgot to mention that it's got some kick-@$$ BGM. There was a
> music video OAV called Team Songs with five songs: Burning Love, Ai Yo
> Honto No Kiss O Okaeshini, Shadowy Dream, Tamerai Ni Period and Alone. A
> 40-minute BGM collection called Songs was reissued on the 10th anniversary
> King Records K32X-7053, with ten tracks: Ai O Shitta Yajuu no Yoh Ni,
> Fairy Tale (New Remix Version), Color Of Summer, Heartbreak Shower,
> Soldier, Soko Ni Kimi Ga Ita (You Were Beside Me), Senshi no Kokuhaku
> Confession) (New Remix), Bara to Beam Tsutsu (Rose & Beam Gun), Aiwa
> (Love Is A Miracle) and Sunao Ni Naritai (I Want To Be Gentle). I'm still
> looking for a copy of BGM Volume I, just for Ai Yo Faraway. Great
> music!

    Really? I would love to see the music video. I always like the second
opening song, not to mention that Burning Love song (even the version sang
by the Dancougar VA team is good!).

    Anybody got the mp3 of it, know where I can find it on the net or where
I can buy the CD that has it?

> The show was subtitled commercially by Sonic Sculptures (?) in the
mid-90s, as I
> recall. I've got the first ten episodes (Imperial Whim, Man Your
> Beast-Warriors, Reborn! Shapiro, Aimfinder Jamming System, The Final
> Maiden In The Battlefield, A Kind Of Hero, Trapped Memories, Hell Beat In
> and Legend Of The Knight) boxed up in the basement somewhere.

    Well, the series itself isn't really that good (I hate those cheesy
fight in the regular TV series, since it's almost like Dancougar don't need
weapons most of the time), but overall, it has some good points (like the
"point" of fighting, betrayal, etc.). It's too bad we never did see the
relationship between Sara and Shinobu go anywhere in the series...

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