Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 01:54:36 -0800

>Well, I just checked my copy of the dec HJ, the GEX column only has line art
>of the HGUC GP01fb and the MG Nu. iirc, I read on the rec.arts..anime.models
>group that the dec Model Graphix has some pic on MG kit devlopments and one
>pic was a S-gundam leg prototype.
>> I am pretty sure it's Hobby Japan. The only thing Sentinel-related in the
>> Dec. issue of MG was the Sentinel 0079 version of the Gundam modified from
>> a MG Gundam v1.5 kit.

I just flipped through the Dec issue of MG and there's nothing regarding the
MG S-Gundam. Model Graphix has been pretty devoid of exclusive new MG info,
kind of a fall from grace since they were really rocking in the mid 80s
with Gundam coverage.


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