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> What sucked about Giren's Greed was that they recycled music from previous
> Gundam videogames... the ones I remembered were from the 1st-person
> made for the PlayStation.

    I didn't notice - I thought they were remix from the original Gundam TV
series or movies....

    I really, really wish there were an updated version of Zeta (Zeta movies
maybe?), since the footage shown in the PSX version of Zeta Gundam is pretty
good - probably good enough to be shown nowadays. I still don't know why
Bandai/Emotion is so unwilling to release a more updated or even a movie
trilogy version of Zeta Gundam...

> Not exactly a new low seeing what kind of crap were licensed out to cash
> in on Wing's newfound popularity in the U.S.

    But those were licensed out - Bandai made the game themselves...

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