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Mon, 4 Dec 2000 01:37:25 -0800

> Perhaps we are talking different monks - those anime monks are mostly
> from the Japanese sect. I was thinking of the Hindu Buddhist's terms of
> being enlightened.

Going by the astral plane encounters, communion with spirits of the departed,
the whole cosmic awareness thing, being able to sense intent, and hightened
empathy, I think Newtype qualifies as an enlightened state. We're not talking
satori or nirvana here -- the end of the circle -- but a more advanced stage or
higher level of awareness.

The thing about Newtypes is that they're aware, but not fully aware that they're
aware. That puts them ahead of the rest, who are all Newtype but unaware that
they're Newtype.

Everyone's still asleep, but the Newtypes are dreaming lucidly....


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