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> I'm finally beginning to understand the attraction to the 70's giant robot
> stereotype. I guess the only way to realize the attraction is to experience
> it yourself. I acquired the first episode of Super Bestial Machine God
> Dancougar a while ago and finally got around to watching it tonight. First
> off, with a name like that you really can't go wrong. I actually pegged it
> as an early 80's production, probably preceeding Macross, but a little
> research on my part led to my discovery that it was actually a 38 episode TV
> series (and then an OVA finale) back in 1985.

Specifically, it ran from 5 April to 27 December 1985, where it competed with Z
Gundam, Dirty Pair, SPT Layzner and Super Robot Lifeform Transformers. There
were two OAVs: Requiem for Victims (90 minutes) and God Bless DanCougar (80

You forgot to mention that it's got some kick-@$$ BGM. There was a 25-minute
music video OAV called Team Songs with five songs: Burning Love, Ai Yo Faraway,
Honto No Kiss O Okaeshini, Shadowy Dream, Tamerai Ni Period and Alone. A
40-minute BGM collection called Songs was reissued on the 10th anniversary on
King Records K32X-7053, with ten tracks: Ai O Shitta Yajuu no Yoh Ni, Cruel
Fairy Tale (New Remix Version), Color Of Summer, Heartbreak Shower, Alone/Lonely
Soldier, Soko Ni Kimi Ga Ita (You Were Beside Me), Senshi no Kokuhaku (Warrior's
Confession) (New Remix), Bara to Beam Tsutsu (Rose & Beam Gun), Aiwa Miracle
(Love Is A Miracle) and Sunao Ni Naritai (I Want To Be Gentle). I'm still
looking for a copy of BGM Volume I, just for Ai Yo Faraway. Great travelling

The show was subtitled commercially by Sonic Sculptures (?) in the mid-90s, as I
recall. I've got the first ten episodes (Imperial Whim, Man Your
Beast-Warriors, Reborn! Shapiro, Aimfinder Jamming System, The Final Teammate,
Maiden In The Battlefield, A Kind Of Hero, Trapped Memories, Hell Beat In Amazon
and Legend Of The Knight) boxed up in the basement somewhere.


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