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Dear List:

> > >tackles religious questions in a secular humanist way. Newtype, as
> > >explained by
> > >Tomino, sounds remarkably similar to the Buddhist notion of enlightenment.
> >
> > Judging by the way most of these NewTypes behaved (irresponsible, moody,
> > lusty, stubborn, short-tempered), I'd say they're far from the Buddhist
> > notion of being enlightened.

Well, there are many differing opinions as to what consitutues "enlightenment"
though. The one that I personally believe in is to achieve full self-awareness
and become one with the nature. Which I guess is pretty close to what La-Lah
(or maybe even Sirocco) got to be.

> I dunno - throw in drunken and irritating and you've got a lot of the Buddhist
> monks I've seen in anime....

Which is weird because Buddhists monks aren't supposed to drink alcohol, and
also shouldn't be irritated easily, at least according to the teachings.

> -Z-


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