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Franz Co wrote:
> I think it's the opther way around, standard NTO ammo is 5.56 as seen in the
> M16, SA-80(L8), Steyr Aug and other rifles (IIRC even the frickin AK-74 uses
> 5.56 rounds).

        NATO standardized two rifle rounds. First weas the
.308 Winchester/7.62x51mm NATO and later in the late 1970s the
SS109 5.56mm became the 5.56mm NATO (which requires a rifle with
a 1 in 9 inch right hand twist, 1 in 7 to stabilize the slightly
longer SS110/M856 tracer). Attempts to move away from current
.223 weapons haven't been successful b/c it's only been within
the last decades that European armies retire their FALs and
G3s in favor for M16s, AUGs, et. al.
        In addition certain other cartridges would become
standardized like .50 cal Brwoning machinegun round (as most
NATO military forces have used or are using M2HB machineguns
as a heavy automatic weapon especially on vehicles) and the
high veclity 40x53mm grenade family (as weapons like the
Mk.19 are becoming more popular)
        The AK-74 and its clones ranging from the East
German MPiK-74 to the Polish Wz88 are chambered for the
5.45x39.5mm although the export AK100 series are offered
in .223.

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