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> I thought the German Army would've gotten rid of the old Mauser, which goes
> all the way back to the early 1900's, and was a bolt-action rifle I believe.

And it only has a five-round internal box magazine. But it also has a muzzle
velocity of 754 meters per second and an effective range of 600 meters, which
makes it a good sniper weapon.

Mauser, like Browning, made weapons of such quality that they're still prized
today. The P-08 "Luger" 9mm Parabellum is actually a Mauser and a lot of those
are still in service. There's also a .38 Special Mauser revolver, the original
snub-nosed .38 copied so successfully by Colt and Swith & Wesson, all over
Europe. And, of course, the jewel in the crown, the Mauser HSI, in both 7.65mm
and 9mm strengths -- one of the all-time great handguns and still quite popular
70 years on.

Is it any wonder that the habitat on Axis is named Mauser ("Mowsa")?


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