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I'm finally beginning to understand the attraction to the 70's giant robot
stereotype. I guess the only way to realize the attraction is to experience
it yourself. I acquired the first episode of Super Bestial Machine God
Dancougar a while ago and finally got around to watching it tonight. First
off, with a name like that you really can't go wrong. I actually pegged it
as an early 80's production, probably preceeding Macross, but a little
research on my part led to my discovery that it was actually a 38 episode TV
series (and then an OVA finale) back in 1985. It borrows liberally from the
70's ideal though, what with very organic looking enemies, a preposterous
plot, bad guys so evil that they've got names like "General Death Gaia", an
ineffectual Earth military ... and wait for it ... the Cyber-Beast Force. A
team of 4 transforming giant robots, that transform from robot to animal
modes (more like the Dinobots than Beast Wars transformers though) and can
Character designs are definately early 80's, as is the animation, but it's
certainly not bad. Story is pretty weak, but engaging at the same time ... I
don't quite know why yet. This is definately the sort of series that's never
going to see a states-side release, but as a taste of 80's giant robot
action that hasn't in the slightest way been influenced by Gundam's
"realism", it's certainly an interesting case study.

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