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> I tried watching an episode of it and found it mindnumbingly boring, along
> with disgustingly cheesy CGI. I've yet to see CGI blatantly used in anime to
> good effect ... the only time it's been decent is when it's been fairly
> unobtrusive (Macross Plus, the dragon in Escaflowne ep1, etc) and doesn't
> immediately jump out at you as CGI. Blue Sub #6 had some nifty CGI but it
> was pretty obvious ... when it was good it looked great, but when it wasn't
> it really detracted from the scene.
> Gimme cel, or even CGI assisted cel, but CGI and anime have yet to have a

  Actually, I really liked the CGI in Blue Sub 6. Before watching it I didn't
think I'd like it, but it looks great when I saw it.

  Here's of link to the ships and mecha, for the curious:

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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