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I tried watching an episode of it and found it mindnumbingly boring, along
with disgustingly cheesy CGI. I've yet to see CGI blatantly used in anime to
good effect ... the only time it's been decent is when it's been fairly
unobtrusive (Macross Plus, the dragon in Escaflowne ep1, etc) and doesn't
immediately jump out at you as CGI. Blue Sub #6 had some nifty CGI but it
was pretty obvious ... when it was good it looked great, but when it wasn't
it really detracted from the scene.
Gimme cel, or even CGI assisted cel, but CGI and anime have yet to have a
perfect fusion, IMHO.

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> Anyone see this relatively new anime series yet? Its somewhat of a mix > between the cg effects of the american-made Titans AE flick with the antics > of Nadesico. The ships,mecha, and effects are pretty decent, but so far its > been a blast watching. > > _Pierce > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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