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> Of course, some series go overboard with the reverse...such as DBZ where
it took them 10 episodes or more to resolve a 5 minute fight between Goku
and Freeza (sp?).
> Roland

good point, but I think 2-3 episodes on battles that have a high impact on
the story would be just right. like the Mercurius-Vayate vs. D-Hell battle
could have gone to 1.5 episodes. Heero and Zechs in the end could have gone
2.5, something like that. most battle in GWing occur in the second half of
the episode, so most of the time it's really only half an episode per
battle. the only battle that was short that I liked was with Wufei and
Traize in space, their final battle. Traize got his message across and if
the battle lasted longer, it wouldn't have reflected his ideals

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