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garrick lee wrote:

> err...i already have the yf-19, japanese yamato
> release.

Yeah, I know I could import it. Frankly I'm satisfied with my classic
VF-1S, and VF-1A toys, and don't even plan on buying the Toycom valks,
even if they ever do materialise on this side of the Pacific... But I
absolutely hate Harmony Gold for what they've done. Robotech bashing
aside, (which is hard to do sometimes.^_^) this is the lousiest thing
I've ever seen a US company do to anime fans...since robotech the movie
atleast. (I couldn't resist.)

> the yf-19 was *underwhelming* to say the least

I was so unimpressed with my Mac 7 VF-19 (Blazer) that I sold it. I
absolutely love my VF-17 though.

> the yf-19. haven't got the yf-21 or vf-11 yet, so i
> can't comment on the overall line.

Well the VF-19 design simply isn't as realistic as the Classic macross
VFs, but the VF-17 translated nicely into plastic, so mabey the other
designs will fair better. I've wanted a VF-11 since seeing the first few
minutes of Macross plus on the big screen at expo way back when....

---Brett "Macross Attack!" Jensen

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