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> garrick lee wrote:
> > --- Brett Jensen <> wrote:
> > > Hi guys,
> > >
> > > I've been off the list for a few months so I
> hope
> > > nobody else has posted
> > > this.
> >
> > where you gone off to eh? :)
> I was busy moving from Washington state to St Louis
> MO.
> >
> > i want perfect grade strike valkyrie.
> Here, here!
> You can't even get a Mac Plus toy. CURSE YOU HARMONY
> GOLD!!!

err...i already have the yf-19, japanese yamato
release. :D got it the first moment it arrived (with
richie ramos looking over my shoulder and cackling all
the way like the red panstless guy that he really
is...). one of the few dubious advantages of being
an anime fan in the philippines. :P

the yf-19 was *underwhelming* to say the least (but i
still love it just coz i'm a mac fanboy :P). the only
good reason to get it is because there hasn't been a
half-decent macross related toy in recent years (the
last truly decent toys being the macross 7 valkyries,

don't let the much hyped die-cast metal content fool
you. the construction of the frigging toy was still
pretty shabby and fragile, *especially* because of the
die-cast metal parts (all the time i was wishing it
were just plastic, like the mac7 valks). and seeing
as how they had to release a version 1.5 of the toy
that fixed the "bugs" of the first toy (after i had
already done a few personal painful modifications with
the aid of a friend's dremel tool...jeez) you can
figure for yourself the quality (or lack thereof) of
the yf-19. haven't got the yf-21 or vf-11 yet, so i
can't comment on the overall line.


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