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>>Ok, this is something I've been thinking about really hard lately... I
>>mean REALLY hard... I've been looking for episodes of the original Gundam
>>for some time, and have turned up empty handed, however I never really
>>thought of getting the movies. I want to but there are some questions I
>>need answered... First of all, what came first? The movies or the show?
>>What do you think it better? Is the animation about the same? Does
>>everything that happens in the show happen in the movies? What is over
>>all a better buy? I personally want to get the episodes since they're
>>original, right? arrrgggh, dilemma, please help

I don't think this is much of a dilemma. I hear that the original UC 0079 series will actually be shown in the states. Good for you, all you have to do is wait. When the three movies came out here in the Philippines, we never thought twice on whether to buy it or not. The choice was obvious. If you have never seent he original series and it seems like there is little chance of seeing the original, then the movies are a better than nothing. Besides, I think they're really well done, but don't expect the whole story (with all trivial details and all) to be there because its supposed to be a more concise version. But if you can wait, just watch it on TV (you guys are so damn lucky!)

Btw, when it does get shown, will it be released on video (I'm hoping we can see it too even if we have to pay for it)

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