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Sun, 03 Dec 2000 04:57:18 -0600

Roland Thigpen wrote:

> >>I also still wish the original ending had been kept, and Lando had died
> >>with the Falcon trying to escape the exploding Death Star II.

Oh sure kill the only black guy in the entire Universe, (Til episode one was made anyway) that would go over well. ^_^

Star wars was supposed to be pure escapism like the Space opera serials of the 30s. An unhappy ending wouldn't have been all that appropriate.

I'm not saying space Opera and pathos can't go together, as Cowboy Bebop proved, just that, they can't go together in Star wars' brand of Space opera.

Don't you guys think this thread has gotten a bit to OT?

---Brett "Darkside, hmmm... sounds good, where do I sign up!" Jensen

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