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>>Agreed. And the fallout from the Death Star (radiation, debris, etc.)
>>should have demolished the surface of Endor as it had no shields, but we
>>conventiantly forget those things...but there is one website (whose link
>>I've since lost) called the Star Wars Techinical Files or something along
>>those lines, that actually goes ito great detail over this and all other
>>techincal matters in Star Wars. I really need to hunt that site down
>>again. Yavin should have been the same way.
>Actually, I had been in communication with the webmaster of the Star Wars
>Technical Commentary (Curtis Saxton) a long time ago, and I asked him that
>question. I think the answer was that the first Death Star was simply too
>far away to leave lasting marks on Yavin (in fact, I, Jedi had Qui Xux
>looking for debris of the Death Star, but there weren't any.) But it was a
>long time ago and I don't remember too good.

Maybe...I don't know though...even one good size chunk would create a nuclear winter on the moon.

>>I also still wish the original ending had been kept, and Lando had died
>>with the Falcon trying to escape the exploding Death Star II.
>What, you don't like Lando? Or the Falcon?
>Jonathan Ng

No, it's just that the way the movie ended up, it was too much of a happy ending. Sure, we lost alot of fighters, and a few cruisers (3 that I remember seeing blown up if I recall correctly, maybe just two though), but it didn't really show the pain of war, as these were just nameless faces. Lando's death, along with the Falcon's destruction would have really brought home the point that some victories come at a VERY high price.

And it would have made Han's statement about having a feeling like he wouldn't see her (the Falcon) again make sense.

Then again, that might have made it even more reminiscent of the original film, esp. the Special Edition, because Luke lost the friend who was like a brother to him while destroying the original Death Star.

I don't just seemed like the ending was too happy (mission accomplished, all primary characters survive, etc.)....a typical American movie ending...guess that is why I liked movies like Sixth Sense, Phantasm, and Wild Things...not really your typical endings at all for American films. Also why I like alot of anime too, because the endings aren't always all that happy..or at least not as happy as American ones, even in those that do have happy endings. It's also why I loved RA Salvatore's Vector Prime novel (well, one of the reasons). I would have almost liked to have seen, during the celebration on Endor, a flash to Ackbar, or Mon Mothma, sitting in his (or her) office reading a report on a computer screen, only to slump in their chair, holding their head in their hands, and then a close up on the screen, with the words "Casualty Report" on it, and a long list of names scrolling by.

Here's hoping the Dune mini series that starts tonight (and continues on till Tuesday) on SciFi follows the book more closely than the older, well-known 1983 movie (you'll understand why I say that if you have read the original novel and watched the 1983 movie version, and its relevance to what I've said above).


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